Through a special initiative called 3rd SOURCE, eCap Network offers comprehensive energy management solutions to non-profit organizations and their constituents. The program partners with non-profit organizations that have members and stakeholders who own facilities. Read more

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3rd Source

What is a 3rd SOURCE™ Partnership?

3rd SOURCE™ is an initiative developed by eCap Network, LLC with the support of the R.K. Mellon Foundation and the Heinz Endowments. The initiative is designed to bring comprehensive energy management solutions and new sources of revenue to non-profit organizations and their constituents.

Through 3rd SOURCE™, eCap Network partners with non-profit organizations, associations and municipalities with industrial, commercial and/or institutional based stakeholders, to leverage the relationships they have with facility managers to promote, educate and, financially share in the benefits of energy and carbon reduction projects.

The 3rd SOURCE™ model is designed to assist non-profit organizations seeking to enhance and better serve their core mission and stakeholders.

How Does a 3rd SOURCE Partnership Function?

  • Targeting – An eCap Network team is assigned to engage, develop and support each 3rd SOURCE partner and their constituents. eCap Network staff works with the organization to analyze and understand the energy needs and concerns of the their constituents. eCap Network then creates outreach strategies, including targeted campaigns, to most effectively engage the constituents and deliver services.
  • Outreach and Marketing – Whether there are 20 or 200 stakeholders in the organization, working together to effectively promote the 3rd SOURCE partnership and the services offered by eCap Network is crucial to success. eCap Network has developed marketing materials and tools that are customized for each 3rd SOURCE Partner. eCap Network staff works with each 3rd SOURCE Partner to design a publicity and marketing campaign to promote the specific partnership and collective benefits.
  • Sales and Client Relations – Underlying these strategies is a qualified lead process, which utilizes the 3rd SOURCE partners’ knowledge of their constituents to identify early adopters and those most likely to respond to services from eCap Network. Broad network communications, directed marketing, workshops, seminars, webinars and other customer education tactics are utilized in cooperation with the 3rd SOURCE partner to engage constituents and drive the qualified lead generation process.

Committing to a Future of Smart Energy Consumption

In becoming involved with eCap Network, you’ll be investing in energy management and carbon reduction initiatives that are well-managed, and which align with your strategic business goals. As you benefit financially, you’ll also be helping to promote the sensible use of scarce resources.

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