Clean Jobs Growing in PA

Did you know that there are over 66,000 jobs Clean Energy in PA?  According to a recent report, that is more than mining and quarrying, the oil and gas extraction, agriculture and the real estate sectors, and grew at 15% over the past two years.  But as with any in energy, government policy matters to the health and vitality of the sector.  Join eCap this Wednesday at the PA Clean Jobs Forum at Duquesne University to find out how we can do more to stimulate growth, and lead the way to a cleaner future.

40 MW of Capacity from Efficiency

This month eCap helped attain 40 MW of energy efficiency (EE) credits in the PJM Markets for projects including lighting retrofits, chiller plant upgrades, LEED buildings and industrial process improvements. That is enough energy efficiency investment to offset coal fired electrical generation for more than 40,000 homes!  These projects are the cleanest way to help secure reliable electrical supply and that's why they are worth millions of dollars to our clients.  

How did eCap help? We're experts in measurement an verification, the rigorous process required to quantify and ensure the performance of efficiency investments.

Learn more about the benefits of EE in the PJM Capacity Markets here: 

Energy efficiency lowers costs in recent PJM capacity auction

How can we help your company take advantage of EE?

$500,000 PA Grant

eCap helped one of our manufacturing clients identify and attain a $500,000 PA Grant for making clean energy components right here in Allegheny County.

The critical fuel cell parts they produce will help to generate over 200,000 MWh of clean electricity and reduce CO2 emissions by over 11,000 tons each year. That is roughly the equivalent of removing 23,000 cars from the road every day!

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